Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shay Bay Bay!!


It's Shaylee K's birthday today and I can't tell you how much I love this girl!! We have been friends for SO long! We grew up together only a street away with Savannah Rose Taylor just across the street from me! You couldn't find one of us with out the other two! We went to camp together and slept in the the tent ALL day and did nothing else! We went to Youth Conference together and danced our booties off! We even got everyone else to dance with us that normally don't dance. We went to EFY together our first year and had a blast! She even put up with me when I got sick and couldn't eat all week! We also like to hide in people's closets after we are done trashing their room, even if it is REALLY SMELLY and about 100 degrees! When high school came along, we each found a different group of friends to hang out with but we had Sundays and YW to catch up with each other! She knows all my secrets and listens to my problems. I know she is just a phone call away whenever I need her... especially when I'm walking home from class and it's pitch black outside and I'm a little sketched out... she'll talk to me the whole way home! She is one of my greatest friends, she is someone I look up to, especially spiritually and she will always and forever be my sister! I love you Shay Bay! Hope your birthday was great! :)

And now for a little reminiscing of our fun times....

Homecoming Senior Year

Oh ya know... just Girls Camp with my two best friends!

                       El Cheapo Sophomore Year

Aww! Best roommates ever! Remember talking for hours and hours about funny stuff and we drove that one girl to tears because we were annoying and loud....? And then diving from bed to bed like cats because Scar did it so we all had to try! No wonder we all look FREAKING tired!!

Some more YC!
Girls Camp

Homecoming Group Senior Year

I'm not in this one... but Shay looks hot! So I decided to post it!

Painting Leavitt's house over the summer! We found Em's belts!

Remember laying HOURS and HOURS in the tent at Girls Camp and doing absolutely nothing!! We talked and took pictures :) So fun! Made our 30 before 30 list but only got to like number 5...

Until Next time, "A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same."

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  1. Oh my heck hahahaaha. I LOVE THESE! I haven't seen these pictures in sooooo many years! Aww Tay I love you! And I miss sooo many things about those good times of the past. And I will definitely always be there for you no matter what! You better always fill me in on your life! LOVE YOU! :)